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Kintamani Dog is a canine breed originating from the mountains of Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia. It is not found in other places away from its homeland. Also called the Balinese dog, it is medium-sized and can be classified as a working dog. Like other mountain dogs, this breed also has long hair, but other features like a broad face, flat forehead, erect ears, and dark brown make it different from other village dogs.

This dog is unrecognized by the kennel clubs, though attempts are made to obtain recognition. However, the Bangli regency takes affirmative action by organizing various contents and exhibitions to popularize this breed to get recognition from authorized bodies.

Temperament & Personality

Bali Berghund is an alert guard dog and a friendly pet. This dog has an independent nature which makes it very aggressive when other dogs enter its territory. But, they show a caring and loving attitude toward their masters and family. Also, they quickly get along with children and become a perfect playmate. If they live in a close relationship with their owner, they display an intense sense of loyalty.

Kintamani dog's puppy has a light weighted foot which helps them move around comfortably. They are lovely climbers and serve as excellent watchdogs. Their love for water makes this breed great swimmers.



Being a balinese mountain dog, it requires some physical activity to fight boredom and stay in shape. Daily exercising will help them revitalize their brains and release extra energy. The amount of physical activity entirely depends on the age and health of each dog. Small walks two times a day will be adequate.


Regular brushing will reduce shedding and keep the Kinta clean. Bathing your dog few times a year will be adequate. It is recommended to comb out all the mats from the dog’s coat before bathing. Ears need weekly cleaning to avoid Ear infection and nails should be clipped when they are overgrown.

Health Problems

Kintamani Dog is a healthy dog, but regular checkups, blood tests, and X-rays are important to maintain their health.


Kintamani Dog is lively, active, and highly trainable. Etiquettes can develop in Kinta puppies by educating them on how to drink water, stand still when grooming is done, etc. Training can get easy with praises and snack treats when the dog finishes the task.  To check its territorial nature “quiet,” “stop,” and “settle” commands should be used as it helps the dog to reduce aggression when another pet is in the territory. These dogs have unique and active characteristics.


Feeding them twice or thrice a day with nutria-rich food or dry dog food will be adequate. The inclusion of other dairy products like meat, cereals, and vegetables ensures proper nutrition.

Kintamani Dog Facts

Kintamani Dog

Breed Type:

Other Names:

Balinese Kintamani, Baliniese dog, Kinta, Bali Berghund

Height & Weight:

Male : 45-55 cm Female : 40-50cm & Male: 33 – 37 Pounds Female: 29 – 33 Pounds


White, Beige, Brindle & Black

Competitive Registration / Qualification Information:

AKU, IKC, ( no kennel club has given recognition as a standardized breed)


Moderate Shedding



Average Litter Size:

2-6 puppies


14 years


Medium, harsh, double coat


$600.00 - $1,500.00



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